About Us

Gerry’s Discount Tackle specializes in Matzuo, VMC, and Danielson hooks as well as our own brand.   To save you money, we buy in bulk from some of the same manufacturers that make OEM hooks for major brands sold in the United States.  We also carry many closeout and discontinued fishing and hunting supplies.   Our inventory of closeout items constantly changes as we sell out of current items and bring in new ones.   Before ordering, you may email us at gerrystackle7@gmail.com or call us at 310-351-2081 for information regarding current inventory.

International shipping costs are based on weight.  We ship by International Priority Mail.  International shipping is $45.00 for the first pound (454 gm.) and $7.00 for each additional pound anywhere other than Canada.  Canadian shipping is $35.00 for the first pound and $5.00 each additional pound.

Gerry’s Discount Tackle can also be found on eBay.  Our eBay handle is gerrystackle.  All items that we have in our eBay store are available through this website.  Please call or email us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

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